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With Every Difficulty, There is Relief

Based on emotions and feeling

With Every Difficulty, There is Relief is a project about Alzheimer's caregivers reflecting on their emotions and feelings. It is a series of five fabric posters 28X36, each containing a different quote from my family members' interviews. Those quotes described my aunts and uncle's emotions and feelings about their father's disease. I used the same type of fabric for all of them to indicate the same person, my grandfather. To symbolize the different voices of different family members, I used different typography layouts. Each poster was shot in a different location and showed a different quote. I overlapped the video with audio recordings of my family members sharing their stories, feelings, emotions, and experiences. I chose nature as my destination to reflect my grandfather's love of connecting with nature before Alzheimer's. After he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he loved to walk around and connect with nature for several more years before his symptoms became more severe.

Medium: Fabric,  using. a unique technique to print Typography 
Size: 28X36”  

Please press on the image to play the video