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An educational website featuring posters, scarves and tags.

Water is a basic need for all living creatures. As in most religions and beliefs, water plays an essential role in them. For example, in Islam, the Quran(the central religious text of Islam) mentioned in Surat Al-Anbiya Verse (30) “And God made from water every living thing” which explains the importance. of water to living beings on Earth. And if water is a great blessing from God, how can we not preserve it, and why do we overuse it. The purpose of this project is to educate and convince people in Saudi Arabia to take care of water by using religious content from the Quran to show how important the water is in Islam. The Quran mentioned the word water sixty-four times. Twenty-three times of them were different kinds and types of water that are mentioned in both our world now and in heaven. In this project, I will be focusing on the kinds and types of water we use in our world now, and that ends up being ten kinds. My deliverables for this project are a website, a series of posters, scarves, and tags. The website will show a series of posters. Each poster will mention a different verse from the Quran in both English and Arabic and will have a set of a scarf and a tag. The purpose of the scarf is to explain the meaning of the water that was mentioned in the verse/ poster using the Arabic language. Each scarf will have a tag that will translate what is mentioned in the scarf in English and one way to reduce using water in both languages. This project is mainly directed to the community in my country, and it is a Muslim community. As we live in a country characterized by water scarcity, I aim to educate the people to focus on the importance of water.

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